Mariette Beco 80 ans
Mariette Beco deceased

In the morning of Friday 2nd December, Mariette Beco, to whom the Virgin Mary appeared eight times from the 15th of January to the 2nd of March 1933, died, aged 90, in an old people’s home at Banneux.

The news of her death was soon spread among pilgrims, arousing a vivid emotion.

Mariette’s last years were those of most elderly persons with both joys and sufferings. The Rector of the Shrine of Banneux, Father Leo Palm, had several encounters with Mariette. He remembers her as a person loved by her family and attached to her son and her grand-children. Mariette also mourned her two daughters, one who died on her prime childhoud, the second who died in 2008, aged 61.

The Apparitions of Banneux were officially recognized by the Church in 1949 by Mgr Kerkhofs, bishop of Liege. During his visit to Banneux, Pope John Paul II had an encounter with Mariette Beco.
In 2008, the year of the official ceremonies of the 75th anniversary of the Apparitions, Mariette Beco requested Father Joseph Cassart, then Rector of the Shrine to merely make known a letter in which she made her last statement about the Apparitions: “I was no more then a postman who delivers the mail. Once this has been done, the postman is of no importance any more”.

Just like his predecessors Mgr Aloys Jousten, present-day bishop of Liege, solemnly reaffirmed the authentic character of the Apparitions in remembrance of the official recognition 60 years before, in 2009.

All through her life, Mariette proved to be perfectly discreet. She came to the spring and to the little Chapel of the Apparitions as unnoticed as best she could, praying to the Virgin Mary whom she has now set off to see again forever.