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           Invocations of Banneux :

Blessed Virgin of the Poor, lead us to Jesus, Source of grace.

Blessed Virgin of the Poor, save all Nations.

Blessed Virgin of the Poor,relieve the Sick.

Blessed Virgin of the Poor, alleviate suffering.

Blessed Virgin of the Poor, pray for each one of us.

Blessed Virgin of the Poor, we believe in you.

Blessed Virgin of the Poor, believe in us.

Blessed Virgin of the Poor, we will pray hard.

Blessed Virgin of the Poor, bless us (+)

Blessed Virgin of the Poor, Mother of the Saviour Mother of God, we thank You.

Prayer of the International Union of Prayer

Mary Virgin of the Poor, 

You lead us to Jesus, source of grace, and you come to alleviate our suffering.

We implore you with confidence : Help us to folow you Son with generosity, and to belong to Him unreservedly.  réserve.

Help us to welcome the Holy Spirit Who guides and sanctify us.

Obtain us the grace to look like Jesus everyday more, so that our life will glorify the Father and contribute to the salvation of our Brothers.



Prière of Louis-Joseph KERKHOFS, Bishop of Liège at the time of the apparition.

O virgin of the Poor, May you  ever be blessed ! And blessed be He who deigned to send you to us. What you have been and are to us now, you will always be to those who, like us, and better then us, offer their faith and their prayer. You will be all for us, as you revealed yourself at Banneux : Mediatrix of all graces, the Mother of theSaviour, Mother of God. A compassionate and powerfull Mother who loves the poor and all Peaople, who alleviates suffering,  who saves individuals and all humanity, Queen and Mother of all Nations, who came to lead all those who allow themselves to be guided by you, to Jesus the true and only Source of eternal life.