Triduum Calendar


Triduum is the name given in Banneux to the four days pilgrimages. These pilgrimages are organised by various diocese of Belgium and abroad (France, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary...). The first triduum started soon after the Apparitions. 

It's goal : 

- to answer the invitaion of the Virgin of the Poor to "relieve suffering". 

- to give some time off to people who have few opportunities to quit their homes and to help them overcoming their moral or physical sufferings.

- to enable everyone to live and celebrate it's faith in a community ; to listen, love, sing and pray. 


 Is welcomd at a Triduum every person who : 

- wishes to spread the Good News

- would like to entrust him/herself the Our Lady who knows better then anyone what suffering is;

- strong or not, young or not, wants to go to Banneux not only to pray but also to serve others, giving them the sun of a smile. Their listening, patience, smile help - with or without medical knowledge - is essential.

A triduum is a highlight of meeting, prayer and christian faith deeping close to the Virgin of the Poor.

It's a pilgrimage : one comes here to pray, to encounter Jesus through Mary

The Pilgrim chooses to quit his own habits, he's comfort. 

At Banneux, everyone, pilgrim or helping, tries to learn how to give their best.

Spending a few days at the Hospitalité, is to live in a community : eat, help, sing, pray, laugh and cry. Everything is done TOGETHER !A triduum is like a family united by Mary, Virgin of the Poor. 

Banneux is a privileged place to love and give oneself.

Banneux peut être défini comme un lieu privilégié du don de soi et de l'amour de l'autre !

After a Triduum, many are those who are about to cry : the haven't been a "number" on a list, but a beloved person.

Mother Teresa once said : "The important thing is the intensity of love you add to your smallest attention "