To have an ex-voto position

The ex-voto is a very personal way to thank the Virgin of the Poor for a grace obtained. This small ceramic tile is engraved forever in letters of gratitude, in testimony of faith and hope.

The ex-voto are placed in various places of the Sanctuary, outside or inside of some monuments, for example, the chapel of the apparitions or the house of Mariette Beco.


To place an ex-voto

1. Send your text by mail or e-mail (limited to 5 words + date or year + name or surname or initials)

2. Make a transfer of 40€ / ex-voto on the account:

IBAN: BE0015 0000 0462 0230
“Asbl Banneux – La Vierge des Pauvres”

along with, in communication, the words “Ex-voto”