Help the Shrine

The Shrine of Banneux Notre-Dame survives only on gifts and on various formules notariées prévues par le législateur (an official Belgian category of donation). The financial income is immediately used to cover maintenance costs, to welcome the sick, and to continuously improve accommodation conditions.

  • If you would like to help us:
    • CBC IBAN: BE36 7326 5320 1081 (BIC: CREGBEBB) or
    • ING IBAN: BE29 3480 6305 0064 (BIC: BBRUBEBB).

Both bank accounts are under the name “asbl Banneux, la Vierge des Pauvres”.

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To make a donation, the following methods are also possible: standing bank order, will bequest, or dual legacy.

  • Donations

An inter vivos donation is a direct and informal transfer of any form of movable property. A donation by ‘notarized deed’ must be drafted by a civil law notary, as indicated by its name. The taxes will be paid by the Banneux Notre-Dame, who is the beneficiary of the donation.

  • Wills and Bequests

Everyone can, within the limits indicated by law, decide how his property is to be distributed after his death. In the absence of a Will, your goods will go to your legal heirs. If you have no legal heirs, your goods will go to the State. By drawing up a Will, you can decide yourself what will happen to your legacy. You can also make a particular bequest, a donation that is only valid after your death and can only be executed by a Will.

  • Dual Legacy (Legs en duo)

What if you would like to donate a sum of money or goods to Banneux, but not your whole inheritance? Thanks to the technique of the Dual Legacy, you can leave an equal (or larger) share to your family and still participate in caring for the sick. The legal foundations of the Dual legacy originated in Article 64 Paragraph 2 of the Belgian Code of Inheritance Law. It is stipulated there that person X (for example your niece Mathilde) will receive a legacy totally free of taxes, as long as person Y (for example Banneux) pays the inheritance taxes of person X.

For additional information, please contact your notary or the Shrine.