Banneux and its networks

Ever since the Apparitions, the Shrine of the Virgin of the Poor is represented in various Marian associations and pilgrimage site coalitions. It participates actively in the European Marian Network (Réseau Marial Européen, RME), the Association of Shrine Rectors (l’Association des Recteurs de Sanctuaires, ARS), the Association of Marian Works (l’Association des Oeuvres mariales, AOM), and the National Association of Diocesan Pilgrimage Directors (l’Association nationale des Directeurs diocésains de Pèlerinages, ANDDP).

1. L’Union internationale de Prière (UIP)

3 times, during the Apparitions, Maria asked Mariette: pray a lot! The Union internationale de Prière (UIP) started in 1934, thanks to chapelain Louis Jamin. This UIP still exists. Their members commit themselves to pray every day the Prayer to the Virgin of the Poors, the invocations and the Rosary. They are specially invited to pray for the Church, their own diocese, the vocations and the sanctity of the priests.

2. The European Marian Network

The European Marian Network links 21 sanctuaries from different countries. The European Marian Network was formed in 2003 with the encouragement of Rome. The number of sanctuaries is the same as the number of decades in the Rosary. Under different titles, the Blessed Virgin Mary is venerated in every country in different ways and by different Christian confessions. May Mary help nations to grow in union with each other and bring unity between all Christians.

The Sanctuary Animators from the members of the Network meet each year to get to know each other better and, above all, to understand better the needs of the millions of pilgrims and visitors who frequent these Sanctuaries.

List of the 21 sanctuaries in the network:

  1. Altötting (Germany) – Our Lady of Grace
  2. Banneux (Belgium) – The Virgin of the poor
  3. Brezje (Slovenia) – Mary Help of Christians
  4. Csíksomlyó (Romania) – Our Lady of Csíksomlyó
  5. Czestochowa (Poland) – Our Lady, Queen of Poland
  6. Einsiedeln (Swiss) – Our Lady of the hermits 
  7. Fatima (Portugal) – Queen of the peace in the world
  8. Gibraltar – Our Lady of Europa
  9.  Knock (Ireland) – Our Lady, Queen of Ireland
  10. Levoca (Slovakia) – Our Lady of the Visitation
  11. Loreto (Italia) – The « Santa Casa »
  12. Lourdes (France) – The Immaculate Conception
  13. Máriapócs (Hungary) – Our Lady of Máriapócs
  14. Mariazell (Austria) – The Big Mother of Austria
  15. Marija Bistrica (Croatia) – Mary of snow
  16. Malta – Our Lady of Mellieha
  17. Vilnius (Lithuania) – Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn
  18. Walsingham (England) – The Holy House of Annunciation
  19. Zaragoza (Spain) – Our Lady of Pilar
  20. Zarvanyzia (Ukraine) – The Mother of God in Zarvanyzia
  21. Mátraverebély (Hungary) – Our Lady of Mátraverebély