Welcome to Banneux!

From January 15 to March 2, 1933, the Virgin Mary appeared eight times to an 11-year-old girl, Mariette Beco.

The message she left her is still relevant today.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims come, alone or in groups, especially during Triduums of the sick, to confide to Our Lady their poverty, their suffering, their sorrows, their research. They come to confide in the Mother of the Savior, and to express their trust and their hope in Him who is the Source of all grace, Jesus Christ.

Even today, as she did for Mariette, the Virgin of the Poor guides each pilgrim from Banneux on the road of existence. She invites him to push the hands in the water of the Source, to draw true Life from Jesus.

Welcome to Banneux!

Father Leo Palm, Rector

Banneux is 25 km south of Liège

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Sunday 15th January – Feast of our Lady of Banneux Anniversary of the 1st Apparition 11:15 International Mass 15:00 Marian prayer and Benediction (international) 16:00 Mass in French with Father Leo Palm, Rector. 19:00 Rosary and Candlelight procession to the Spring
Saturday 24th Decembre 18:00 Mass in French with Rector Leo Palm – No Mass at 16:00 – Sunday 25th Decembre 8:30 Mass in French 11:15 Mass in French No Marial prayer at 15:00 16:00 Mass in French with Rector Leo Palm 19:00 Rosary
Sunday 1st  May – Opening of the pilgrimage season Saturday from 8pm to 10pm : adoration. 8:30               Mass in French 9:30               Mass in German 10:30       International Mass with Mgr Delville, Bishop of Liege 11:15             Mass in French 15:00       Benediction of the Sick.  (international) 16:00                         Mass in French.…